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What will you do with your next 10 minutes?
Change the discussion. Accelerate achievement.

Activating inspired teamwork is a distinct and essential skill. If you’ve ever walked out of a meeting and muttered, “This team could do so much more,” then searched for a mechanism to activate inspired teamwork, this book is for you. It’s a research-supported solution for any person who passionately believes in the power of collective effort and is seeking ways to make it a daily reality.

A 40-hour workweek contains 2,400 minutes. By investing a small fraction of the time you have, just 10-minutes per week, you can build something great. The 52 Activation Points in ONE Team provide you and your team with a yearlong framework to activate inspired teamwork, in just a few minutes. The topics covered in the Activation Points are rich in content, with unique questions that follow each point providing “the how” to activate one-team performance. Be purposeful: Your objective is one aligned, focused, high-performing team.

Over the past 20 years our organization has taken on the audacious task of equipping teams to sustain extraordinary levels of achievement. We climb high peaks (and enter a few toxic arenas), stumble sleep-deprived through airports on six continents, endure knee-crushing seats on crowded planes, and get home long after our loved ones have gone to bed. And we do it for one reason: We are obsessed with our mission of equipping contributors at all levels of an organization to better put individual and organizational values into action. When people do so, they realize their brilliant potential.